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From need or problem to delivery. 360° approach to a philosophy focused on customer and what corresponds to their measure.


From the potential within a virgin sheet of metal, our laser cutting section kickstarts the entire manufacturing process. We have autonomy in the cutting process in terms of equipment and experience, allowing for the desired assertive response in the production chain and the essential rigor in support of our quality of manufacture.


Deformation occurs mainly in the domain of bending technique. We have a wide range of bending machines operated by proficient professionals, supported by the precision and quality assurance that CNC systems allow. From the manufacturing orders, meticulously planned in the technical sector, they materialize here, giving shape to the metal furniture and equipment from which Maran receives so much recognition.


The art of fusing metal parts happens in the hands of our experienced welders, either manually – by MIG or TIG technology – or by way of automation thanks to our robotic welding system. We respond not only to solutions that require an above-average level of finish, but also to the mass production of components, respecting the tightest deadlines.


It’s in the assembly that everything starts to make sense. Metallic and non-metallic components, electronics and hydraulic systems are carefully assembled by our employees. Much more than the sum of the parts, the result emerges as a value-added product both in function and in durability.


This is one of the aspects that most distinguishes Maran as a manufacturer. Supported by an already rigorous manufacturing process, the finish takes care of raising the aesthetics and function of a piece of equipment to another level. The result appears as a distinct piece, with pristine surfaces, perfect joints and smooth edges. This way of being applies from the simplest workbench to the most refined luxury metal furniture.


Every need is unique. Every work is singular. At Maran we are known for responding to the most diverse and peculiar cases, carrying out tailor-made work according to the functional, structural and aesthetic needs of the work in hand. Our team reveals a peculiar convergence between technique and design, triggering bespoken solutions to the space, activity or, simply, to the client’s requirements.


Maran is much more than two factory warehouses – it is a network of cooperation between internal and external professionals who, together, transform the idea into a prototype, and the prototype into a product. In addition to using top-level brands in terms of hardware and components; we make a point of cultivating partnerships of high quality and guarantee, which complement us in areas such as machining, carpentry, painting, refrigeration, electronics and programming.


To offer bespoken solutions, a posture of constant innovation is mandatory. We have a network of technical consultants who support us in making decisions based on science, empirical knowledge and industry trends. This wisdom, combined with the technical agility and resourcefulness of a technical team of great value and qualification, leads us to formulate new solutions that combine aspects such as mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, optics and other fundamental disciplines to allow for Maran to remain at the forefront of their customers’ choice.


Half of the manufacturing quality comes from the planning, design and specification of all equipment and technical furniture parts designed at Maran. It is our designers and engineers who, using a robust industrial management system and CAD technologies, are in charge of anticipating, preparing and leading the factory floor team, making the most of its extraordinary potential. Effectively, Maran’s pride resides in the people and what they can achieve by working together.