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Harness the power of UV-C

Equipment with UV-C lamps for quick and effective disinfection of objects, surfaces and spaces

  • eliminates up to 99.9% of all pathogens
  • proven success in hospital settings
  • without adding chemicals

by Maran

A Mário & Dominguez, Lda. brand
Since 1981 - Certified EU-based company


UV-C product line

Our current desinfection solutions

Maran UV-C Case Coronavirus Disinfection Box

UV-C Case

Compact and elegant solution for disinfecting small objects and instruments of general use.

Commerce and post-sale support

Commerce and post-sale support

Services in general

Services in general

Schools, daycares and nursing homes

Schools, daycares and nursing homes

Watch its usage now
  • Compact polished steel profile
  • Handle / status indicator
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made to measure
Maran UV-C Coronavirus Disinfection Tower

UV-C Aura

Mobile disinfection equipment for spaces and environments for general use.

Clinical setting

Clinical setting

Schools, daycares and nursing homes

Schools, daycares and nursing homes

Restaurants and leisure

Restaurants and leisure

Watch its usage now
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Touchscreen Console
  • High mobility
  • Quick cleaning
Maran UV-C Box Coronavirus Disinfection Box

UV-C Box

Heavier solution for disinfecting larger equipment and instruments for professional use.

Hospital Usage

Hospital Usage

Industry and Logistics

Industry and Logistics

Commerce and post-sale support

Commerce and post-sale support

  • Adjustable timing
  • Automatic security lock
  • Cycle indicators
  • Made to measure

Why UV-C?

There are countless advantages for companies and institutions that adopt UV-C disinfection measures,
these being the ones we consider to be the main ones


Safe for electronic devices

Allows disinfection of materials that cannot be soaked in biocidal liquid (disinfectant).


Low disinfection cost

More efficient in disinfecting surfaces and objects, compared to manual procedures.


Quickly inactivates Coronaviruses

SARS-CoV-2 neutralized in less than 15 minutes, depending on the equipment used.


Proven technology at the hospital level

Effectively used in many hospitals and clinical centers around the world to disinfect spaces and instruments.


High durability equipment

Resistant materials and low maintenance cost due to long-life lamps (± 9,000 h).


Effective disinfection without side effects

UV-C lamps eliminate up to 99.9% of all pathogens, without the adverse effects of chemicals.

Still not convinced?

See our list of frequently asked questions around Type C UV disinfection

Type C ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) acts directly on the organisms' DNA degrading it, this effectively disables the organism and its replication, thus safely guaranteeing the hygiene of spaces and work utensils. Preliminary studies show that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid19, can be inactivated by UV-C (254nm), at a dose of 22mJ / cm2. (1)

(1) Source: Press release – June 16, 2020: Signify and Boston University validate effectiveness of UV-C light sources on inactivating the virus that causes Covid-19

UV-C radiation can be used to disinfect all types of:

  • objects - ex: mobile phones, computer equipment, watches, jewelry, keys, …;
  • surfaces - ex: tables, chairs, counters, …;
  • and spaces - ex: offices, classrooms, gyms, clinical spaces, …;

Yes, it is more effective. In fact, microorganisms have increasingly gained resistance to biocidal agents (eg, multi-resistant bacteria), which does not happen with UV-C radiation. It is also the most suitable technology for disinfecting equipment on which biocidal agents cannot be applied, for example electronic equipment.

Additionally, and unlike biocidal agents, UV-C radiation can be effective in disinfecting biofilms (biological communities with a high level of organization).

UV-C radiation is already used to disinfect water, air, surfaces and objects. In recent years, an increasing number of hospitals and clinical centers have acquired and use this type of technology to ensure effective disinfection of their equipment and spaces. There is scientific evidence that the use of this type of equipment minimizes the spread of pathogens (diseases), as are the cases of viruses and multi-resistant bacteria.

After ozone disinfection toxic particles can remain suspended in the air, which can be inhaled by the space users. A small amount of ozone is sufficient to cause chest pain, cough, shortness of breath and throat irritation. Additionally, exposure to ozone can aggravate pre-existing respiratory illnesses (eg, asthma) as well as compromise the body's ability to fight respiratory infections - not ideal in the current pandemic context.

Type C ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) refers to "type C ultraviolet light". Radiation and radioactivity are different concepts. In general, radiation refers to everything that is irradiated - diffused in the form of rays - such as sunlight, light from a normal lamp, radio waves and light emitted by ultraviolet lamps. In turn, radioactivity is the spontaneous emission of radiation by the nuclei of certain elements - which is not the case with type C ultraviolet lamps. Although UV-C light is not visible to humans, they behave like visible light, traveling through air and water at the speed of light, and when its source is turned off, the UV disappears without leaving residues.

Maran UV-C Aura tower head

But ... and what does science say?

What is MARAN?

Created in 1981 the designation Maran is the trademark of Mário & Dominguez, Lda. A company based in Alfena (Porto) that operates in the sector of the metal deformation industry, namely in the design and manufacture of stainless steel furniture and equipment. Among others, these are the main characteristics that distinguish us:

Among others, these are the main characteristics that distinguish us:


High manufacturing quality

We have the human, technical and technological resources to guarantee a rigorous product with finishes above average.

Car rental

Flexibility and experience

From challenge to challenge. From solution to solution. We are distinguished by the ability to make our experience available to our customers.

Medical insurance

Service of excellence

Loyalty, commitment and dedication are words that shape the way we operate. It is in the satisfaction of our client that we find our motivation.

Stainless steel partners

Our know-how and experience operates in several professional areas, both in terms of serial manufacture and in customized solutions.

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